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  • Zuchu and Diamond silence critics.
  • The Sukari singer recently packed her belongings leaving Diamond’s nest.
  • The pair have since broken the record for the couple with the most ‘Break Ups and Make Ups’.

Zuchu and Diamond are back together after their recent break up that saw Zuchu cart away her belongings from Diamond’s nest. The celebrity couple have silenced their critics through a sensual song dubbed ‘Raha’.

Taking to their Instagram story’s, the pair shared in unison a sneak peek of their newest song with information of their reunion all bare.

The lovey-dovey clip captures the celebrity couple dying into each others arms from well taken shots.

Zuchu looks stunningly beautiful with her short cropped hair, her unfinished denim skirt paired with a white mini-underwear and matching top further complements her beauty.

Completing the simple but infectious appearance are circular bangles on her earlobes with beads embellished on her right ankle.

The coastline location further complements this piece with beautiful long palm trees  and beach sand as the lovebirds walk bare feet.

On the other hand, Diamond dons a baggy unfinished denim pant paired with a black see-through singlet.

He also adorns ornaments, necklace, a wrist-watch, bracelet and a waist bling which keeps on dangling to his left side.

Diamond and Zuchu during ‘Mtasubiri’ video shoot PHOTO/INSTAGRAM


Forever Together

In ‘Raha’ the celebrity couple affirm to stick together till eternity.

Zuchu notes that she gave her heart to Diamond and she ain’t looking back anymore.

On the other hand, Diamond reveals that he’ll fight to his last breath in keeping their love alive.

Diamond further hits out at his rivals who keep wooing Zuchu. He discloses that Zuchu normally tells him on such advances.

“Mnatuma vi mesegi taka kunipora ananionyesha bebi jua anawachora” Diamond sings partly.

The pair have since broken the record for the couple with the most ‘Break Ups and Make Ups’.

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