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  • The teen twins died after taking a concoction from a witch doctor to enlargen their breasts in order to get married.
  • The witch doctor has gone into hiding with his wife already cooling porridge.
  • The head of administrative, Mr Simon Simalenga has ordered for the arrest and prosecution of the culprits.

Agony was witnessed in a Tanzanian village, Bubale after teen twins died while enlarging their boobs.

According to a village elder, the twins died after taking a concoction from a local witch doctor.

Details from hospital indicate that first to be brought was the body of seventeen year old, Doto Yohana Saku.

In about 2 to 3 hours later, Kurwa Yohana Saku was then brought in critical condition.

Doctors tried in vain to get her back to life but succumbed.

From the tests, doctors arrived that they had injested a poisonous concoction.

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Big Shame

The County Commissioner, Mr Simon Simalenga shared his displeasure with the incident.

“Watoto wawili kweli tumefikia hapo” he uttered in disbelief.

He gave an order for the immediate arrest of the witch doctor while terming it a ‘big shame’.

He further disclosed that the witch doctor’s wife was already behind bars awaiting prosecution.

“Huyo mganga apatikane awe amekimbia ameenda wapi apatikane na mke wake akae ndani…aibu kubwa kupita kiasi”.

Mr. Simalenga was disheartened that in this time and age when the world had become enlightened,  communities were still marrying off their young daughters.

He went ahead and advocated for the welfare of not only the girl child but also the boy child.

“Watoto wakike wakasome” he ordered partly.

Witch Doctors Debate

Just the other day, there was a heated debate on the effectiveness of witch doctors services.

This happened following the Kitengela women who were covered by bees.


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