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  • Baraka The Prince terms Alikiba a traditional witchdoctor following the latter’s recent birthday celebrations.
  • The pair don’t see eye to eye having been friends and even collaborating on the song ‘Nisamehe’ in 2016.
  • Alikiba’s fans have since flooded Baraka’s commentary section with attack after the other.

Bongo star Alikiba has been termed a ‘traditional witchdoctor’ by fellow singer, Baraka The Prince following the latter’s recent birthday party.

Taking to his Instagram, Baraka The Prince mockingly termed the Kings supremo a ‘traditional witchdoctor’ who was celebrating his birthday.

Despite not directly mentioning his name, many adduced that he was referring to Alikiba who recently held a star-studded birthday party on a yatch. Among celebrities present were Ommy Dimpoz, Marioo, Abdukiba (Aklikiba’s brother), K2ga, Tommy Flavour, Mocco Genius and Mwijaku among others.

Baraka noted that he had been on vacation only to come come back with the news of the ‘witchdoctor’s party’.

“Mr. Kero nilikuwa mapumzikoni am back now, sema nasikia kulikuwa na sherehe za kuzaliwa kwa mganga moja wa kienyeji hapa nchini” partly read Baraka’s post.

He also shared his photo at an undisclosed posh location.

It’s not the first time for Baraka The Prince to show his displeasure with Alikiba.

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He’s on record affirming his dislike for Alikiba and has never shied away from it.

On his side, when asked how he feels on Baraka’s hate, Alikiba noted that he’s fine with it and doesn’t give a damn.

Before their fall out, the pair collaborated on the song ‘Nisamehe’ done barely seven years ago.

It delved on seeking forgiveness from a better half after the death of a relationship.

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Fans Reactions

Following Baraka The Prince’s sentiments, Alikiba’s fans have been on the formers neck with attack after the other.

Many have since opined that Baraka The Prince is trying to use Alikiba’s light in igniting his luck luster career.

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We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Kaka ndio ushapotea sasa usitumie upepo wa watu”

“Jamaa alikugongea demu wako nini”

“Endelea kukosana na watu kwa kutafuta kiki”

“Haina shida mwana mpotevu naona unatafuta upepo kupitia mgongo wa Alikiba”

“Mvulana mwingine huyu asha left group”

Is it time for Alikiba and Baraka the Prince to sing to each other their collaborative song, Nisamehe in ending their beef?

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