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  • Bounty Killer slams politician facing wife’s murder charge.
  • The former member of parliament, Jolyan  Silvera is the main suspect in the murder of his wife, Melissa Silvera.
  • Bounty Killer ignited his old beef with Jolyan Silvera who had termed the former and fellow singer, Ninja Man ‘bogus motivational speakers’.

Dancehall legend Bounty Killer has slammed former People’s National Party(PNP) Mp, Joylan Silvera who’s facing murder charges of his wife, Melissa Silvera. It was payback time for the Mp who had termed Bounty and fellow singer, Ninja Man “Bogus motivational speakers” barely five years ago.

Melissa died a few weeks ago with reports that she died in her sleep.

However, according to a source, Melissa’s godfather, former Prime Minister PJ Patterson read malice and insisted on an independent body to perform an autopsy.

It was later determined by the police that Melissa died from gunshot wounds.

She was later buried last week with her husband who’s now the main suspect appearing at the funeral with their three sons.

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The arrest of Silvera has has since turned into a trending topic with revelations that the room in which she died appeared to have been renovated.

The case still contains other crucial details which are yet to be made public.

A screenshot of Silvara’s post mocking Bounty Killer & Ninja Man PHOTO Courtesy


Karma Is A B**ch

Taking to his Instagram, Bounty Killer termed Sivera’s woes karma. The raspy-voiced singer recalled when Silvera mocked them while appearing as key note speakers at an event with fellow singer, Ninja Man.

The event had been presided over by the then National Security Minister, Robert Montague.

Bounty shared a screenshot of their collage photo used by Silvera to castigate them.

“Motivational speakers for the JCF and other heads of Department for National Security yesterday morning at the conference. Now you tell me. One on a murder charge and one was charged for beating a female with a hammer” read Silvera’s post.

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While getting back at Silvera, Bounty picked where it was hurting the most with an affirmation that karma had finally gotten hold of Silvera.

“Karma is my favorite b**ch she f**ks everybody watch what this little weak insecure gyal clown ya Joylan Silvera did say about me and @ninjaman_music whilst making a great effort five (years) ago a wah yu deh pon now idiot e dawg dem shall meet and greet yu bloodclaath inna di penn now pooosie” captioned Bounty.

Bounty’s commentary has since attracted traction never seen before as his fans joined in blasting Silvera.

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