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  • Ghetto Radio bails Brian Mwangi out
  • Brian was detained he allegedly knocked smokey vending trolley
  • Brian’s detention caught the attention of Ghetto Radio fans

Brian Mwangi who was remanded after he allegedly knocked a smokey trolley in Uthiru is a free man at last. His walk to freedom comes after Ghetto Radio morning show presenter MajiMaji took up the matter to bail him out.

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The matter came up for mention today September 25th before the Kibera magistrate’s court.

The damage caused had been approximated to be ksh12,000, but the charges attracted a cash bail of Ksh 10k.

Emotional Father

Speaking to Ghetto Radio shortly after being released, Brian’s father Boniface Mwangi emotionally thanked MajiMaji and Ghetto Radio for coming to his son’s aid.

He termed Brian as a disciplined boy, who does his chores within record time.

He further said that before the incident he had not noticed any major indiscipline case from Brian.

He however blamed his earlier parenting style for Brian’s drinking habit.

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The emotional father also pledged that he would have a counseling session with his son to contain his behavior before it gets out of hand.

“Sijui nitawashukuru vipi Ghetto Radio na Maji Maji, nimesema asante sana ,Mimi nitamkalisha Brian chini nimwongeleshe kama mzazi kama ni pombe awache pamoja na marafiki wabaya,I know it is not easy because siwezi temmbea na yeye kila mahali lakini najua ataniskiza.”said Brian’s father.

Brian on his side thanked Ghetto Radio for extending it hands and aiding his walk to freedom.

He recounted his harsh reception into the prison precincts by unforgiving, bully inmates who demanded to know why he was confined.

Brian Mwangi (L) and the dad, Boniface Mwangi. PHOTO by Ghetto Radio Digital

“Huko ni rough, watu ni bully lazima utetewe na mzee wa nyumba, kama huna connection na mzee wa nyumba unapigwa sana. wengine walinitisha eti wanataka kuninyoa  pia mimi nikakuwa kichwa ngumu nika mwita mzee wa nyumba”

MajiMaji’s Counsel

Maji Maji spared time and advised Brian to drop to make an effort and reach the complainant and apologize for what had happened.

“wewe ukirudi mtaa jaribu uwaongeleshe ,be humble and drop the company that may land into troubles.Just be a good person kama ni pombe wacha ndiyo life ikuwe rahisi.”Maji Maji adviced.

Unnecessary Backlogs

Almost everyone who got information on what transpired Brian’s detention got shocked including anonymous court official who suggested the magistrate’s desk be stationed at the police station to avoid protracted legal battles resulting into Backlogs.

The matter is slated for hearing on October 2nd 2023.

READ Also: Brian Mwangi spends 5 days in remand for lacking Ksh.10K cash bail

When Maji Maji visited Brian in Industrial Area Prison last week on Friday, Brian confirmed to the media personality that on the fateful day he was arrested he was in the company of his friends before he slid and knocked down the sausage vending trolley.

He said he tried to settle the matter with vendor who  had agreed to take ksh 2100 as compensation for the damage caused, but he realized that he had only ksh1000, the bouncer would later pounce on him and later called the police.


September 25, 2023

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