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  • He loves remaining anonymous
  • His mum inspired his love for cooking
  • He says he has different hustles besides cooking

Chef Wa Eastllando has  grown to be a loved sensation with his cooking videos on TikTok  and the use of Sheng language making him stand out.

He has garnered more that fourty five thousand followers on tiktok and is about to hit half a million likes on the same platform.

Appearing on Ghetto Radio’s morning show dubbed #Brekko hosted by Majimaji,King Kafu and Dj Katta the Chef shares his journey.

His Love For Cooking

He recalls moments as a child when His mum would teach him how to make simple home made food such as ‘Ugali’’

‘’Mukuru alikuwa ananifunzza kupika jo..hizo matimes tulikua tunapika na stove, nakumbuka fiti jo akinishow vile ugali hupikwa’’

Asked if he has any formal training,he admits cooking to him is a passion that comes in so natural saying He has no formal training.

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Why he remains Incognito

He declines sharing his real names and says he only wants to be identified as  ‘’Chef Wa Eastlando’’

Wearing a mask that completely hides his face is a representation of his brand,

‘The Anonymous Chef’’

Am not looking at being famous, I do not want people to treat me differently or with respect  because am famous

‘’Upishi yangu na value yangu  ndio  nadai wasee wajue  sio fame’’ He Adds

In addition,  He says remaining anonymous is also a way of filtering people in his life

‘’Wasee watakutreat in their real selves but wakinijua they might pretend to like me and treat me differently ‘’

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Is cooking paying the bills

He admits that initially he din’t make any cash but in recent times He’s in a position to cash in some money from his cooking,

‘’Nganji ndio inaanza kuingia saa hii, nikianzia ilikua tu ni passion’’

Product placements is how am making money currently and am strict to advertising  only products that I have personally used .

In addition the chef says he has different streams of income and does not entirely rely on his cooking gigs.

He has encouraged young people to keep pushing harder and to not give up on their dreams.

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