TikTok surprise dancer Moya David has put on the spotlight a man pretending to be him.

Unfortunately, the said man has been stealing from unsuspecting clients who have been seeking the dancer’s services of surprising their loved ones.

Taking to his social media pages, Moya has uploaded a video pretending to be a client wanting to know how his impersonator would act.

“Leo Kuna client amenipigia akaniambia ameconiwa pesa na Moya David. (I’m the original Moya David)…na akanipatia hio number.Sasa nataka tujaribu tupigie huyo jamaa simu tuone anasema nini.” He says as he dials the impersonator’s number.

The conman plays along going on to ask the Tiktoker for his full names and identification number claiming that those are the requirements for booking his services.

When Moya seems hesitant in giving out his information the man insists that he should just send the information as he has been instructed then hangs up claiming to be late for a meeting.

“So guys mumeskia jamaa hata anajifanya ako busy ndio utume message umalizane na yeye. You guys need to take caution remember tuko Valentine season so there’s a high chance Kuna mtu hapo atakucon.”

Moya then makes it clear that bookings are only done through the contacts provided on his TikTok page.

“I don’t operate on Facebook. I don’t have an account on Facebook. For booking reach me on my TikTok Iko na 3.7M followers. I’m not verified, there’s my contact and email there.” He says.

By Stella Anyango

February 9, 2023

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