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  • Diamond has earned backlash for going berserk over his stolen ‘green cap’.
  • A fan took the green cap off Diamond’s head while leaving Airtel’s offices in Dodoma.
  • The culprit was later tracked with the green cap handed back to Diamond.

Diamond has earned backlash for going berserk over his stolen ‘green cap’ in Dodoma, many have been taken aback by his decision to get furious over a mere cap noting his millionaire status.

The Wasafi supremo was leaving Airtel’s offices in Dodoma when he met a pregnant crowd outside.

While being led to his waiting car by his handlers, a fan grabbed the ‘green baseball cap’ from Diamond’s crown.

Like lightning, Diamond reacted giving orders to have the stolen cap returned.

The green cap was part of his matching outfit with his green shirt.

Upon getting to the car, disappointment was written on his face while contemplating on his next move since he had chosen the outfits for the day.

“Onesmo lazima kofia ipatikane kwa sababu ina nguo nyingi… Jamaa kakimbia” scoffed Diamond partly.

It’s then that Diamond is driven off from the scene but not after he orders one of his men by the name ‘Onesmo’ to remain behind and make sure that the cap is found.

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In a continuation of the ‘cap circus’, the Yatapita singer is captured being handed back the cap at a hotel lobby.

At that moment Diamond is captured having dropped the matching green shirt remaining with a black t.shirt and matching pants.

According to Diamond, he had just acquired the ‘green cap’ and it was worth a fortune.

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Fans Reactions

Diamond’s anger over the cap has since elicited mixed reactions.

Others opined that he might be fearing being bewitched with the cap being taken to a witchdoctor.

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On the other hand, some ruled that the cap had ‘Kismat’ noting with how Diamond wasn’t letting it go easily.

We sampled some of the reactions below.

“Saa anajam nini na ako na pesa si anunue ingine”

“He’s very petty”

“Hiyo aliambiwa na Illuminati isijaribu kupotea la sivyoo”

“Surely kofia ni kitu ya kulilia”

“Analilia kofia na ako na ndege”

“Karibu nyota yake ipotee”



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