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  • Diamond is facing backlash over his ‘coffin stunt’ during performance.
  • He is being accused for being a member of a secret society.
  • Rayvanny’s set was comprised of a village  makeshift.

Wasafi president Diamond Platinumz is facing backlash over his decision to appear in a coffin during a performance.

Diamond pulled the ‘coffin stunt’ in Ruangwa during Wasafi Festival on Saturday night.

Secret Society

With how the stage was transformed to a ‘cult like’ party, many have opined that Diamond is a member of illuminati.

He made it in five coffins and was placed in the one at the middle.

The people who had carried Diamond to the stage wore dark robes with veiled faces.

Other devilish paraphenalia like skeletons were also suspended on the stage.

The set resembled Michael Jackson’s video, Thriller which had the same concept.

The Yatapita singer then came out of the coffin which was placed upstanding as the audience burst in jubilation.

He went ahead and opened his performance with his chart topping hit, Baba Lao.

Another artist who also used a ‘devil like’ set was Whozu who appeared as an undertaker.

He wore black outfits with the signature black godfather hat.

Fans Reactions

Even though Diamond’s coffin was not real but just  modified structures, he has been accused of leading a dark life.

We camped online and sampled a few of the reactions.

“Huu ni ushetani tu, kafara zinahusika hapo”

“Hiyo sio ubunifu ila ni masharti ya freemason lakini watanzania hawawezi elewa chochote eti ubunifu”

“Hili ni tambiko lake hamjui nini jamani”

Rayvanny in his village set PHOTO Courtesy

Rayvanny’s Village

Rayvanny’s set was also talked about for exhibiting creativity for the ‘village outlook’.

It comprised a grass thatched hut, chickens and goats depicting a village set up.

His outfits were also simple, a pair of shorts, shirt complementing his general village appearance.

Kenya’s Khaligraph Jones is also on record for using a coffin during a performance.



September 11, 2023

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