Tanzanian-born Diamond Platnumz stands out as one of the most influential figures, often regarded as the biggest artist in Africa. 

In Summary:

• Diamond Platnumz prooves to be a music force in the global arena.

• Platnumz’s achievement and his ventures outside music. 

Over the years, many artists have strived to bring their unique sound to the forefront of the global music scene. But few to the degree of one “Chibudii Chibudee” as he sometimes refers to himself.

Diamond On Stage at the Oktobafest festival/Photo Courtesy Jack Raminya

Diamond’s Accolades.

Mr. Platnumz has a consistent track record of releasing chart-topping hits that connect with fans not only in Africa but also globally. Songs like “Number One”, “Salome”, and “Jeje” (just to name a few) have garnered millions of streams on platforms like YouTube & spotify.

Diamond Platnumz/Photo Courtesy

His music blends traditional Tanzanian Bongo Flava with contemporary sounds. This creates a fusion that seems to appeal to both the young and elderly. This cultural blend introduces listeners to Tanzanian culture while offering a familiar touch of their respective cultures.

Throughout his career, Diamond has received numerous accolades that attest to his influence. He has bagged awards from the MTV Europe Music Awards, African Muzik Magazine Awards, and the Trace Music Awards, among many more.

Diamond’s Business Acumen.

Beyond his music, Diamond Platnumz is also a shrewd businessman. He founded WCB Wasafi records. This is a record label that has nurtured and introduced other talented artists to the music scene. For instance; Harmonize, Zuchu, Tanasha Donna, Rayvanny and many more.

Tanzanian Bongo Artist Diamond Platnumz performing on stage during the final Azimio mega rally held at Kasarani Sports Stadium. Photo Courtesy Francis Nderitu

Simba has also shown a heart for community and has been involved in numerous charitable activities, making him a beloved figure especially in his home country.

Diamond has managed to consistently evolve with his music, style, and brand, ensuring that he remains relevant in a fast-changing industry.

As he continues to shine, he not only uplifts Tanzanian music but also positions Africa as a formidable force on the global music map. Rudi Nyumbani.

October 31, 2023

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