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In Summary

  • Raila  says it’s too early for a political Party to name its presidential Candidate
  • The former Prime Minister says ,He is yet to quit Active Politics
  • Azimio Leader praises Kalonzo for Standing With Him

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has come out to clarify media reports that he endorsed Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka for the presidency in the 2027 general elections.

Raila Says he only praised Kalonzo Musyoka for his strong decision to support him in successive elections.

The former Prime Minister noted that it is too early for any political party to name its presidential candidate as Kenyans have four years before going for the next general election.

‘Raila Odinga recognizes that four years before Kenyans  go four another presidential election is way too early for a political party to name its presidential candidate ‘’ Read the statement partially

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Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga. PHOTO/TWITTER


” Odinga clarifies that his praises for H.E Kalonzo Musyoka for standing with him in three successive elections, his strong Christian values and the support Musyoka has built across the country was not an endorsement of Mr Musyoka as the Azimio presidential candidate in 2027,” the statement by Raila’s spokesperson Dennis Onyango reads.

His words of praise was an acknowledgment and appreciation of past deeds that are in public domain.

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Naming Of Presidential Candidate

Raila said Azimio remains a coalition of equals where every leader stands a fair and equal chance to become the 2027 flagbearer depending on their relationship with party members.

“That candidate will, however, not be named until a year or just months to the 2027 election.”

Raila, however, noted that he believes Kalonzo has what it takes to defeat President William Ruto in a free and fair presidential contest, contrary to Ruto’s recent claim that he would easily defeat Kalonzo.

He further assured Azimio supporters that he intends to remain active in party and national politics up to 2027.

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Wiper Leader Kalonzo Showered With Praise

Raila and Kalozo at a past event Pic X account
Raila and Kalozo at a past event
Pic X account


On Sunday, Raila showered Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka with praises for standing with him in his political journey.

He said Kalonzo has stood firm with him despite not being selected as his running mate in the August 9, 2022, presidential elections.

“Kalonzo has a good heart, hardworking and one you can trust, he is also a Christian. He is trustworthy and loving,” Raila said.



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