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•Oga Obinna maintains that Eric Omondi is someone’s project or simply a thief due to his publicity stunts

•He affirms that Eric’s camaraderie never yields anything

•He challenges Eric Omondi to state his source of wealth

There’s a brewing battle between two comedians, Oga Obinna and the self proclaimed African president of comedy, Eric Omondi.

In the latest squabble,Former kiss fm presenter and comedian Oga Obinna has called out Eric Omondi for being a project or a thief following the latter’s publicity stunts championing for the skyrocketing food prices and the high cost of living.

Through a video shot in his car,Oga Obinna affirms that Eric Omondi is being funded by either politician’s Jimi Wanjigi,Raila Odinga or President Ruto on the other hand he points out that Eric is simply involved in wash wash business.

“The only way that Eric Omondi can manage to pay for all those cimema’s two things,one he’s a project, there’s someone funding him either it’s Wanjigi or it’s Baba or it’s Ruto or it’s whoever, someone is funding all those cinema’s that he’s doing or number two wash wash, he’s a conman,a thug there’s somewhere he’s getting the money the money from” States Obinna partly.

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According to Oga Obinna, Eric’s publicity stunts never yield anything, from distributing maize flour to transporting a handcart laden with cv’s to state house.

“He’s giving away unga kwa barabara,all this drama mara amebeba cv’s watu tunaenda state house, they never really amount to anything if you pay close attention like people talk about,If you don’t see through it you’d think enyewe this guy he really means well” Explains Oga Obinna partly

Obinna goes ahead and terms Eric Omondi as trying to be Raila Odinga though on a budget.

“You’re trying to do what Baba is doing but you’re Baba on a budget, you know Baba at least anatuma akina sifuna and the rest wanapiga kelele wewe uko peke yako then you’ll hire a couple of people” continues Obinna partly.

Disclose Your Source Of Wealth

Obinna further castigates Eric for using a wrong method to champion his cause.

He goes ahead and asks Eric to disclose his source of wealth.

“So Eric I’ve seen what you’re doing maybe the intention is good but the way you’re doing it is wrongs  and also just be honest and just tell people pesa unatoa wapi” sums up Obinna partly

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