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  • Furious Kanye lectures fans over wife’s posting.
  • Kanye West has been posting his wife, Bianca in skimpy outfits which a section of fans have termed disgusting.
  • Coming out of his anti-semitic comments the musician is gearing up for a World tour with rapper Ty Dollar $ign with whom they have a joint album, Vultures 1.

A furious Kanye West has lectured fans over his wife’s posting affirming that posting her makes him happy. Kanye further noted that whoever is not pleased with that should post their wives or simply go to hell.

Taking to his Instagram, Kanye disclosed that he post’s his wife three times on purpose since it’s his source of happiness.

While revealing his grills, Kanye revealed that there are people attacking him for posting his wife.

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According to Kanye, he will continue posting her as long as he wanted and those not pleased should either leave his page or concentrate with what concerns them.

“I just wanted to tell everybody that I posted my wife three times on purpose… Why are you posting your wife? coz she makes me happy, that’s why am happy…so don’t never say nothing negative, if you don’t like my page and don’t like what am posting, go fuck yourself seriously, leave me, leave a king the f*** alone, I don’t care bro I’mma post my wife as much as I want go post your wife’s on your f*****g Instagram” scoffed Kanye.

Meanwhile, his wife Bianca who was walking beside Kanye giggled sheepishly.

Kanye West and Wife, Bianca PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

Kanye’s post has since attracted mixed reactions.

We sampled a few below.

“You can post your wife 2 Million times nobody cares but it’s the nudity and hypocrisy of it all”

“Being happy is really all that matters in life, some people confuse being at peace with being accepted by other peoples opinions”

“Tell em’ Ye”

“Why is she always naked”

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Coming out of his anti-semitic comments, Kanye is gearing up for a world tour with singer, Ty Dollar $ign with whom they have a joint album, Vultures 1 which dropped on February 10, 2024.

February 13, 2024

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