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  • “Ngeta” Harmonize assaults Baba Levo.
  • The row arose from a Casino establishment where Harmonize is said to have grabbed a lions share from what was to be shared among themselves.
  • Baba Levo has already undergone a medical check up with a report made to law enforcers over the incident.

The weekend was not so good for musician and Wasafi presenter, Baba Levo whom Harmonize assaulted at a Casino joint. He now wants Harmonize charged for the offense.

The ever vibrant Baba Levo gave his narration looking shaken, a pale shadow of his former self.

According to Baba Levo, the money that was being fought for, wasn’t even theirs in the first place. It was from a business magnate who had won his bet. He had handed Baba Levo a ten million chip with directions that he takes two million with the remaining 8 million being shared amongst the likes of Harmonize, Rayvanny and Producer Abbah who were also in attendance.

When Baba Levo exchanged the chip to smaller units, It was then that Harmonize grabbed the 5 Million chip at the utter shock of everybody else.

“Harmonize akapora milioni tano, unanielewa vizuri, akapora milioni tano akasema mimi nachukua milioni tano hiyo milioni tano iliyobakia ndio mgawane”

All along, Harmonize wanted the attention of the moneyed figure who seemed not to give him face.

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However, Baba Levo happened to have formed a tight bond with the loaded brother.

Musician and Wasafi presenter, Baba Levo PHOTO Courtesy


Drunk Harmonize

Baba Levo further revealed that Harmonize was on one two many which fueled his truancy.

He stuck with what he wanted.

However, Baba Levo sought to have Harmonize hand it back.

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So when Harmonize prepared to make his bet by placing a 2 Million chip, Baba Levo grabbed it telling him that he still owed them 3 Million.

Hell broke loose with Harmonize pouncing on Baba Levo’s neck and roughing him up.

“Nadhani alikuwa amekunywa amelewa na nini nikashangaa mara kanikaba, akanikamata mashati” he explained.

Already Baba Levo has undergone a medical check-up  and made a report to law enforcers.

Netizens have since had mixed reactions with many opining that Harmonize scared the hell out of Baba Levo for his numerous online attacks against the former who doesn’t see eye to eye with Diamond.




February 12, 2024

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