Githurai subcounty has in the past decade, proven to be a central business district of its own making. 

In Summary:

• Githurai Subcounty has grown to be a business centre to be reckoned with.

• The population of Githurai is expected to be at half a million by the next census.

• Githurai has acted as a launching pad for many political careers.

Despite its former reputation for fraudulent deals and rampant crime, Githurai has established itself as one of the fastest growing business centres in Nairobi, Kenya. A self sufficient hub for entrepreneurship.

SME’s stacked at Githurai bus stop

A Human Ant farm

As of the latest census in 2019, the population of Githurai was at approximately 262,327 and is expected to by the least double by the next census.

Every square inch is seemingly teeming with people, establishments and an occasional chicken or two crossing the road (but let’s not dive into why they do that today).

Multitude of people gathered in Githurai

People from all over the country move to Nairobi by the hundreds of thousands every year and a huge chunk of that percentage choose to settle in Githurai. Mainly, due to it’s proximity to Nairobi CBD but also because of the affordable living the constituency offers.

A Business Hub.

You might think New York is the city that never sleeps, but Githurai didn’t get the memo. With a thriving business centre, it’s offers a 24-7 functional economy with every good and service at arms reach.

An aerial view of the constituency clearly illustrates the population density of Githurai with every square metre of it’s 25.5 Kilometres² occupied by a business establishment.

Aerial view of Githurai Subcounty along Thika Road

Every alley in Githurai seems to whisper, “Open for business.” With vibrant stalls selling an array of goods ranging from hardware & fabrics to street food vendors and cafés.

Today, travelling to Nairobi CBD has become an unnecessary privilege for most Githurai residents unless it’s to import goods to be resold for profit back in Githurai subcounty. Its strategic location is also a major source of income for the transport industry.

Political Gateway.

Furthermore, Githurai subcounty is widely regarded as the “gateway” to the Mount Kenya political scene. Due to many of it’s residents coming from the central region of Kenya.

Politicians holding campaigns in Githurai 45

Politicians looking to cement their presence in the vote-rich mount Kenya region often use Githurai as a launching pad of their political target.

In a nutshell, Githurai is not just a subcounty; it’s a hub for commerce and politics. A place where every business stands a chance to thrive. So, if you’re ever looking to start a business, engage with Kenyans or launch your political career; Githurai might be the place for you. Rudi Nyumbani.

October 9, 2023

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