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  • Ezekiel Otuoma has made good progress and can now walk by himself.
  • The former football star was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2020 ending his football career.
  • He has been receiving treatment and therapy with his wife Rachel Otuoma standing by his side.

Former football star, Ezekiel Otuoma can now walk by himself after battling a life-threatening ailment.

In a recent TikTok video, Otuoma is captured being led to a waiting car by his wife.

The former football sensation makes strides though minimal bringing memories of happiness and triumph.

Otuoma’s sudden ailment shocked many when he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2020.

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The rare condition characterized with muscle weakness saw the promising footballer end his career prematurely.

Otuoma had featured for Kenyan Premier League sides Talanta FC, AFC Leopards and Ulinzi Stars.

He became bedridden as he also lost his speech.

A trip to India had yielded little success as his health continued to deteriorate.

Well-wishers and a leading betting firm had raised the funds towards his medication.

Rachel and Ezekiel Otuoma before the sickness scare PHOTO Courtesy

Supportive Wife

Despite Otuoma’s situation worrying by the day, his wife Rachel has been a blessing.

From his numerous hospital visits, Rachel has been bubbly and supportive in seeing her man regain his health.

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From nursing him while at home Rachel has stood out as a God sent partner.

She epitomizes the biblical vow of “Till death do us part”.

Through several TikTok videos, Rachel is captured hanging out with Otuoma while confined to a wheelchair.

And what of her dances and her singing while at home showing the ailing Otuoma affording a smile.

His fashion sense has also stood out with Rachel making sure her man dazzles.

These are some of her rare deeds that have played a critical role in Otuoma finally bouncing back to wellness.

Netizens Immense Acknowledgement

Like they say “Give credit where it’s due” netizens have shared their love for Rachel’s heart and commitment.

Many have since opined that Rachel deserves a standing ovation.

Not many women would bear Otuoma’s situation the way she has done.

We sampled a few of their reactions below.

“Girls si mtu aorganise we reward our girl; she is one in a million.”

“Ooow Otuoma can walk! God, we need more of this in Otuoma’s life.”

“Rachel is a whole pack of therapy God for the sake of this woman’s heart heal Otuoma”

“My eyes are filled with tears of joy; may God keep doing it for we may live testifying.”

Best wishes as Otuoma continues to regain his once lost good health.

September 27, 2023

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