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  • Harmonize and Rayvanny are up against each other following the revelation of a same day release of their projects.
  • Harmonize fans have thronged Rayvanny’s social media platforms with attack after the other following his decision to drop his project on the same day as Harmonize.
  • Previously, Harmonize and Rayvanny traded barbs at the height of Harmonize dating Frida Kajala with Rayvanny then dating Kajala’s only daughter, Paula.

Harmonize and Rayvanny are spoiling for a bitter fight following the revelation of a same date release of their projects on Monday November 24, 2023.

The Konde Gang president was the first to announce the date for the release of his newest album dubbed ‘Visit Bongo’.

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Before the dust could settle, Rayvanny emerged setting the same date for the release of his five songs titled ‘5.4.U’.

“5 songs for you on 24/11/2023 save the date” posted Rayvanny partly.

Riding On Harmonize’s Wave

Rayvanny’s move has since irked Harmonize’s fans who’ve termed him a clout chaser out to ride on Harmonize’s wave.

The I Love You singer is currently wading through a hail of attacks from Harmonize’s fans.

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We camped on his Instagram and sampled a few of the comments.

“Umeshindwa kutafuta tarehe nyingine unategemea kupitia mgongo wa Konde kweli umeisha njoo nimeamini”

“Shida yako ukisikia tu Konde Boy anaachia ngoma na wewe unatangaza kuachia”

“Bro si mliyamaliza au uanataka tembea na upepo wa Konde”

“Shida yako ni kwamba hujielewi”

Rayvanny and Paula during happier days PHOTO Courtesy


Past Beef

Harmonize and Rayvanny were embroiled in a past beef at the height of Harmonize’s relationship to Bongo movie actress and businesswoman Frida Kajala.

During the same period, Rayvanny was dating Kajala’s only daughter, Paula.

There were allegations of Harmonize lusting after Paula with Rayvanny leaking Harmonize’s nudes that he had shared with Paula.

It led to bad blood between the two artists who continued to hate on each other.

However, in recent days the two seem to have burried the hatchet after being spotted together at an undisclosed location in the company of Wasafi presenter, Babalevo.

Is this a return of the Harmonize, Rayvanny beef?

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November 15, 2023

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