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  • Is Founder Tz Diamond’s new signed artist?
  • He was poached to Wasafi by Diamond’s Manager, Babu Tale who’s also the Mp for Morogoro South.
  • He has already recorded his debut Ep under Wasafi’s watch which is yet to be released.

With Diamond set to unveil his newest signee this Thursday 16 November 2023, we sought to find out whom it might be with our guess leading us to none other than teen sensation, Founder Tz.

Why Founder Tz

Barely two months ago, Founder Tz took the internet by storm through his mastery of doing song covers.

From Diamond’s Zuena to Kontawa’s Champion, Founder Tz owned the song’s like his own writings.

His humble background, a refugee camp couldn’t stand in his way.

In fact, it fueled his passion, he would be cheered on during his ‘dusty village shows’ which were  well attended.

Before many could comprehend on his musical prowess, Founder Tz went out full throttle by dropping his own composition, Nitatokaje Swahili translation for ‘Seeking Breakthrough’.

Within no minute, Founder Tz received a good reception further propelling his light.

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In his new song, Founder Tz is drowning in thoughts as he figures out how he’ll have his breakthrough in the music industry.

His narration is superb as his thoughts continue to fight with each other.

“Asa nifanye lipi ili nitoboe niwe kama Konde au Vannyboy ama nitangaze ndoa  mimi nioe ila haiwezakani” he sings partly.

With two months from its release, it has amassed 2.6 million views and still counting, a no mean feat huh!

Founder Tz had another follow up song, Msukule which has also got considerable airplay.

Founder Tz during ‘Nitatokaje’ video shoot PHOTO Courtesy


Babu Tale’s Gesture

Diamond’s manager who’s also the Mp for Morogoro South, Babu Tale came to the rescue of Founder Tz.

Despite learning about the emerging talent while on a tour abroad, the youthful parliamentarian was determined in seeing him succeed.

Babu Tale soon invited the teenager to Wasafi’s studios and promised not only to sponsor his debut Ep album but also to facilitate his education.

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In his recent interview, the now bubbly Founder Tz revealed that the preparation of his Ep was already complete.

While making a statement on his newest acquisition at Wasafi, Diamond disclosed that the unveiling night will be ‘Swahili Themed’.

This further narrows our guess to Founder Tz who seems to have aligned with Wasafi’s house style which entails Swahili narrations.

If not Founder Tz, Who’ll be Diamond’s new artist?

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November 14, 2023

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