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  • Diamond’s mother has revealed that she can’t force him to marry.
  • Mama Dangote wished Diamond success as he celebrated his birthday.
  • She downplayed allegations that Diamond and his sister, Esma are not in good terms with each other.

Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote has revealed that she can’t force him to marry.

According to Mama Dangote, she wished that Diamond would marry as early as yesterday.

However, with marriage requiring its fair share of commitments it becomes an uphill task in picking the right partner.

“Mi natamani aoe ata kesho Mungu akimjalia unajua kuoa ni majaliwa Mungu amekupangia mimi siwezi kulazimisha ‘oa oa Nasibu oa’ siwezi kumlazimisha” stated Mama Dangote partly.

She added that even herself she got married later in life when the time was ripe.

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She maintained that Diamond’s time to marry was not yet, still she wished him well in his quest to settle down.

Birthday Wishes

Mama Dangote was full of love for Diamond as he celebrated his birthday.

He sent him best wishes on his big day while also praying for his success.

“Nataka mwanangu azidi kupambana Mungu azidi kumuongezea juhudi azidi kupambana zaidi ya vile anayopambana” she said in part.

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No Sibling Rivalry

Mama Dangote further downplayed allegations of sibling rivalry between Esma and Diamond.

Netizens have been speculating that Diamond and Esma don’t see eye to eye.

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Mama Dangote affirmed that she’s getting used to the gossips on her family though it’s disheartening.

She maintained that her happiness was in seeing her children loving each other.

“Naambia Watanzania nishawazoea kwa sababu ya kuzusha…sasa wakinuniana wao nitakuwa na furaha gani, nitakuwa sina furaha, Esma na Nasibu wanaongea muda wote wala hawana matatizo yoyote” she explained partly.

Esma also shared that her relationship with Diamond is perfect.

The siblings were together as Diamond marked his birthday.

Also not left behind was Diamond’s son with Tanasha, Tom Kaka.

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