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  • Internet has erupted over British-Nigerian singer, Gabzy’s city concert.
  • There are allegations of muggings, revelers being teargassed and heavy downpour which disrupted the show.
  • Gabzy resides in North London and visits Nigeria occasionally.

Internet has erupted over British-Nigerian singer, Gabzy’s city concert a fortnight ago from allegations of muggings, revelers being teargassed, heavy rains to underperformance.

The showdown is ongoing on X formerly Twitter with reactions after the other.

Despite the pomp and glamour witnessed there are other ugly scenes which spoilt the vibe.

There are allegations of muggings with revelers losing their valuables and smartphones.

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Running battles took centerstage as revelers scampered for safety after being teargassed at one point.

The heavens too was not fair enough, a heavy downpour is said to have spoilt the party.

That saw part of the VIP section drenched in water with the grounds becoming muddy.

According to others, Gabzy’s performance was below par.

However, there are others who termed the allegations untrue..

Fans Reactions

With the internet hot on Gabzy’s concert, we camped there and sampled a few of the reactions.

“Huko kwa Gabzy naskia walikula teargas kwa bill yao, such small small things make me happy”

“Watu wa Gabzy muamke muoshe viatu”

“Escaped maandamano only to be teargassed at Gabzy”

“Kama hukuenda Carnivore stop the hating and rumors. Banter zingine hazina maana. I was at the VIP where I recorded this. Gabzy performance was lit but other issues can be discussed with facts”




Who Is Gabzy

Gabzy is a British-Nigerian singer with a smooth-soulful touch.

He bumped into the UK musical scene in 2016 with songs like Coco and Summertime featuring Gyptian.

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However, Gabzy was catapulted to immense glory through his collaborative Ep Summers with American producer Melvitto.

Gabzy grew up in Peckham South-East London. It’s multicultural and also inhabited by Nigerians.

However, he also visits his country of orgin, Nigeria occasionally.

His favorite artists are Meek Mill, Drake, Neyo and Frank Ocean.

In Nigeria, it’s Wizkid and Burna Boy.


November 26, 2023

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