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  • Diddy is currently facing two new lawsuits after recently reaching an out of court settlement with his ex-lover, Cassie.
  • There are speculations that more women and men will come forward for Diddy’s past sexual exploitation.
  • The rap mogul is also being accused of having a hand in Tupac’s killing.

Is it the end for rap mogul Diddy following two new lawsuits against him after his recent out of court settlement with ex-lover, Cassie?

According to the new development, the women claimed that they were drugged and sexually assaulted.

Diddy’s accuser, Joi Dickerson-Neal alleges that the incident took place in 1991 during a date with Diddy in Harlem.

The first was out on a date when Diddy drugged her and forcefully forced himself on her.

At the time the woman was a student at Syracuse University and was visiting New York.

She had agreed to go on a date with Diddy since they had mutual friends.

The two had had dinner at the popular Wells Restaurant in Harlem.

Afterwards, Diddy insisted that she accompany’s him for some errands around the city.

It’s from the date that Diddy is said to have drugged the woman resulting in her physical weakness as she could barely stand nor walk.

Diddy then proceeded to his music studio noticing the woman couldn’t get out of the car.

He then took her where he lived before sexually molesting her.

The woman also alleges that Diddy filmed the incident sharing it with his circle in the music industry.

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The lawsuit states that the woman was notified of the sex-tape by a friend who had come across it.

It led the woman undergoing emotional turmoil leading to her being hospitalized.

The other lawsuit by an unnamed woman states that Diddy and singer  Aaron Hall raped her.

The incident took place in the 1990’s during an event by Uptown Records.

Diddy had drowned her in alcohol before raping her.

While dressing up, Hall emerged and forced himself on her.

Her friend who had also joined her at the party was also raped with Diddy and Hall swapping the women.

Late legendary rapper Tupac Shakur PHOTO Courtesy


Role In Tupac’s Killing

Diddy’s woes began long time with accusations to having paid for Tupac’s killer.

Rapper 50 Cent has been in the forefront pushing the allegations.

However, Diddy has remained silent over the matter just like in the sexual allegations.

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His attorney has also maintained that the new developments are schemes to milk his client dry.

In the meantime, there are speculations that more women and men might come forward for Diddy’s past sexual exploitation.

Rumors are continuing to swirl that Diddy slept with RnB star, Usher.

Is it the end for Diddy?

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November 25, 2023

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