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  • An audio of Redsan’s Amapiano song ‘Usiwaii’ has performed dismally raising eyebrows.
  • The music industry is fast changing with the Amapiano revolution taking shape.
  • P Unit member, Frasha recently released an Amapiano song dubbed ‘Pewa’ which is getting good reviews in Russia.

Pioneer dancehall star Redsan has seen stars when it comes to Amapiano with his  song titled ‘Usiwaii’ performing poorly 10 days from the release date.

From the look of things, no one can believe that an artist of Redsan’s calibre can only manage 197 views on You Tube within the stipulated period.

Is Redsan struggling to fit his dancehall mien to the Amapiano vibe or are Kenyans not ready for the Amapiano vibe from their own?

A quick look on Redsan’s Instagram yields the song’s promotion with Tik Tok challenge dances and other posts.

His fans have also been receptive with congratulatory messages on his ‘Amapiano’ direction.

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However, there are others who have opined that Redsan took a wrong turn

We sample a few of them below.

“Lii mzae, tulia sasa hii maneno achia upcoming artist, we are okay with your past songs”

“The baddest musician I ever seen”

“Straight King Kong”

On Instagram alone, the Julie singer has quite a wide following stretching to 407k followers.

Should we say that the numbers are not realistic since he can’t use them in driving traffic on his Amapiano track.

What do you think Redsan has not done that other artists have done when it comes to Amapiano songs.

Tanzania leads the pack in the East and Central African region when it comes to Amapiano.

From Diamond, Harmonize to Marioo, Tanzanians have proved that they can own the new sound.

Nigerians have also borrowed heavily from the South African sound which rose from Kwaito and are having global hits.

Frasha performing in a past show PHOTO Courtesy


Frasha’s Amapiano ‘Pewa’

P Unit’s front man Frasha recently dropped an Amapiano song dubbed ‘Pewa’.

Within 14 days, the song has amassed a paltry 30k views on You Tube, the numbers are not that bad.

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Surprisingly, Frasha noted that the song is doing well in Russia. Yes Russia!

Does this mean that Kenyans are not ready for the Amapiano vibe from their own?

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November 25, 2023

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