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  • KRG threatens to sue the upcoming artist for defamation, issues lawyers statement
  • The upcoming artist had alleged that KRG swindled him out of 50k deal
  • He warned other rising star’s to be wary of KRG

Dancehall star, Stephen Karuga Kimani popularly known as KRG The Don is fighting off allegations of swindling money from an upcoming artist.

The mambo imechemka singer threatened to take legal action against the artist for soiling his reputation.

Taking to his Instagram, KRG shared a the defamatory statement from his legal team.

“We have been retained by our client Stephen Karuga Kimani alias Krg The Don to address you as hereunder; That on or about 22nd of April 2023; You posted a video on social media Instagram and TikTok page “bobonyostomapesa” stating that our client owes you money and he is involved in promiscuous ways. The said statements uttered by you attracted so many comments from viewers who condemned our client and damaged his reputation” read part of the statement.

In addition, the letter offered a one week grace period for a public apology from the said artist.

“The letter is to demand admission of liability and a public apology to our client for the injury and harm caused to his reputation as an artist.

Take notice that the admission of liability and public apology should be made and published within the next seven (7) days” Further read the statement.

Failure to heed to the above letter,Krg will have to proceed with the lawsuit in order to stop further defamatory allegations.

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KRG Is A Con

According to the video doing rounds on social media, the said artist is seen clutching to his kid while ranting on alleged KRG’s conmanship.

“Cheki KRG acha ufala nina mtoi nina pikni anadai keroma na uko na doo zangu. Wee nchezee doo zangu na uwache umbwakni na msee yoyote anacheza deal na Krg chorea ma mbleina,chorea ma mbleina huyu msee ni fala,” ranted the artist.

He further added that KRG signed him in a raw deal that saw him pocket 5k instead of 50k after a concert appearance.

“Nilikubali contract akani sign, kuchukua sign yangu kumbe alikuwa anachukua sign ya 50k. S bro get noted ka wee ni msanii usiingie kwa Krg..alinipeleka concert ndio yes alafu nikapewa ngiri tano instead of 50k now see nina mtoi na sina doo ya pampers, ” he summed up partly

With the pull and push, who’s actually fooling who? Leave a comment.

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