In Summary
  • Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders offer support to families affected by Floods
  • More than twenty five household assisted in rent payment
  • Activists decry poor government agencies coordination

Members of the Coalition for grassroots human rights defenders together with various partners over the weekend held a collaborative event in support of families affected by floods in Mathare.

Condemning the recent demolitions, they cited lack of a proper community approach in evicting families residing in riparian land.

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Mathare  Evictions

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Rachael Mwikali says the recent demolitions are inhumane and the locals are experiencing more problems

‘’Article 43 ya katiba inasema Mkenya ako na haki ya nyumba nzuri na safety but currently Serikali inabomolea watu at a time they need support ‘’ lamented the Human Rights Defender

She says that it was only wise to resettle the residents to the affordable housing as compared to settling them in schools where they faced proper hygiene challenges

As human rights defenders she says they have been fighting for better living condition saying that most residents are also going through emotional distress

Mathare Community Kitchen

The coalition for grassroots Human rights defenders supported by other partners have been running a community kitchen since the onset of the floods to assists families affected

They have been able to pay rent for 25 households.

The biggest challenge she says has been linking with government agencies for coordination claiming the 10,000ksh promised by the President is yet to be handed to the families affected

‘’Kabla watolewe shuleni ingekua poa kama wangetuhusisha kama wanaharakati na hizi evictions zimeleta more destruction ‘’Added Mwikali

She however says that activists have worked closely with Village elders, chiefs during this period.

Other partners who took part in the event  defenders coalition, Human  Rights Defenders ,Friends of Lake Turkana amongst Others .



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