• Miguel worked with experts to prepare the stunt
  • Two assistants came out to pierce the 37-year-old artist with metal rods.

American RnB star Miguel wooed the crowd when he put on a spine-tingling performance at his album party , the artist had hooks inserted into his back before he was hoisted high up in the air by suspension equipment.

The singer who was performing at Sony Studios in Los Angeles in a 4-song set to promote his upcoming album, VISCERA,

The crowd had a hint beforehand that Miguel would be putting on an innovative, “boundary-pushing” show.

Just before he performed the song “Rope”, two assistants came out to pierce the 37-year-old artist with metal rods.

After placing two pieces of metal through the skin on his back, Miguel – whose full name is Miguel Jontel Pimentel – was secured to wires and hoisted up into the air.

While hanging in the air before the crowd, he sang the song, which included the lyrics: “I’m hanging on to nothing / I’m hanging from the ceiling / Rope around my neck.”

Miguel – who hasn’t released a full-length album since 2017 – promised that Friday’s set, which was also live-streamed, would be a “boundary-pushing performance”.

The “Don’t Forget My Love” singer is said to have spent several months working with experts to prepare the major stunt,

In an earlier Interview  Miguel spoke about the ancient body modification practice, saying that for him, it was an exercise in trust.

The aftermath

The artist via his Instagram page shared a picture showing the marks left on his back from the hooks, as well as the blood stains left on his vest.

he wrote in the caption. “What is your relationship to pain? What is your relationship to change?”

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