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  • Ad hoc committee is investigating county revenue staggering trend
  • The committee is facing a mystery of where the current revenue system provider NRS is hosting its servers.


Nairobi County Assembly ad-hoc committee has today visited various servers sites for National Bank of Kenya and Webtribe commonly known us Jambo Pay.The two firms  previously  engaged Nairobi County Government in collecting  revenue on behalf of the county..

The committee is facing an up-hill  task of where the current revenue system provider NRS is hosting its servers.

“We have seen where and how  servers are hosted and with a glare sight to what is happening their operations and all that …Jambo Pay was one of the firms contracted during Kidero and Sonko regime to provide this services and  you can clearly see they  have mounted our servers in their various firms same to NBK what is unique with the NRS System where we can’t see servers,no administrator of the system and so many more..we shall make the appropriate recommendations at our report writing.” The ad-hoc committee chairman Peter Imwatok said.

“The two firms are well organized they have shown us everything and you can see how everything is being done what happens with the servers how information is relayed and how the revenue is being monitored. We should emulate this and we must capture the same in our report writing.” Redson said.

Revenue Authority Operations Halted

The chairman early this week kicked out Nairobi Revenue chief officer Wilson Gakuya for misleading the committee on his role towards the Nairobi City County Revenue Administration Authority.

Gakuya imposed himself running its activities contrary to the law.

“The authority operations have been halted …since it was formed they have never met even CEC for a formal meeting.. their advisoral roles was also taken by the Executive .We shall not entertain that.” Imwatok added.

February 21, 2024

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