In Summary

  • Popcaan evades Kartel’s death trap for the second time.
  • A gang member from Klansman alleged that Kartel ordered three hits including Popcaan’s.
  • Both Kartel and Popcaan have distanced themselves from the development.

Popcaan is said to have evaded a second attempt at his life in a Kartel led syndicate.

According to reliable sources, Kartel has links with the underworld criminal gangs in pursuit of Popcaan’s life.

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The allegations first came to light in 2021 during the trial of Klansman gang.

A witness alleged that Kartel who’s serving time in prison ordered for the elimination of a top artist and three other hits.

Sources believe that the said artist was Popcaan though they didn’t offer reasons for the killing.

Kartel And Popcaan Downplay The Allegations

Both Kartel and Popcaan have however downplayed the allegations affirming it never took place.

“I wanna kill someone, but shi*t… roadblock!!! Mi nah badda” wrote Kartel while tagging Popcaan to it.

“Unu stop tag man wid unu bagga f***ry!!! 1 bag a yappin” replied Popcaan.

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In the second attempt at Popcaan’s life, there are voice notes from the Klansman gang detailing the scheme.

There’s also evidence at how Popcaan ended up evading the death trap.

According to the plot, Popcaan was to be eliminated together with his crew while traveling to Portmore.

However, Popcaan and his team who were riding motorcycles took a different route evading the death trap.

Reason Behind Popcaan, Kartel Rift

Popcaan was mentored by Vybz Kartel and they were best of friends before Kartel’s arrest.

However, upon Kartel’s arrest, Popcaan took a year to visit him angering the former.

When eventually Popcaan tried to see him on another visit, Kartel declined the gesture.

Popcaan was a formidable member of Kartel’s Portmore Empire and their runaway hit ‘Clarks’ is proof of their friendship.

On the other hand, Popcaan has continued to show love and respect to his mentor.

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