In Summary
  • Omena is a staple food mostly from the lakeside.
  • Omena is a nutritional food high in protein, essential for building and repairing the body.

Regarding food, most people are usually careful with what they eat categorically based on their tribes.

According to this most people find it so hard to eat omena a staple food mostly from the lakeside.

Omena is a small fish that is usually dried to preserve them and often fried and then cooked with tomatoes and milk to make a stew.

Omena is also a staple food for the people from Lakeside, including counties like Kisumu, Siaya, Homabay, and Migori.

People from the other counties not mentioned above usually believe the small fish looks at them.

”siwezi kula kitu inaniangalia!” a main reason for them not to eat nor like omena.

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Reasons for eating omena

During an interview with Ghetto Radio news team here are some of the reasons why they don’t like omena;

”I just don’t like eating them because of how they smell but nikipata mtu anaeza pika vizuri naweza jaribu kukula.  Unapata mtu amepika omena but bado inanuka tu ile harufu yake ambayo unitoa roho,” said Wangeci.

”Mimi siwezi kukula kitu inaniangalia .Unapika omena inaiva vizuri alafu unakula na bado inakuangalia ,naiogopa siwezi jaribu,”said Harriet.

Also, in some circumstances some people don’t know how to eat omena which is a discouraging manner for example they do away with the heads so that they can eat the remaining part.

Benefits of Omena

Lady at Omena market. PHOTO Courtesy


Omena is a nutritional food which is high in protein which is essential for building and repairing the body, contain oils acids which is omega 3 fatty acids which are good for maintaining a healthy heart and brain and rich in vitamin D which plays a major role in the absorption of phosphorus and calcium. Vitamin D is also helping bone formation, improve sleep and general body function.




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