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  • Sanaipei Tande has revealed how she got dumped by her boyfriend, she’s yet to settle down to date.
  • She disclosed that the public normally has high expectations in regard to celebrity’s lifestyles.
  • At her lowest moment she moved back to her parent’s home but has since built her own home. 

Sanaipei Tande has opened up on her strained love life and how she got dumped by the man she truly believed was her life partner.

According to the seasoned singer, she was still young and believed in love giving all she had.

Sanaipei was so dedicated in her relationship that she went extra miles in seeing that their love blossomed.

She would ply several matatu’s to get to her man’s home including riding on a ‘black mamba’ bicycle.

All this seemed useless to Sanaipei’s man who then had a firm grip on the Kenyan musical industry with the former still working to have her biggest break.

As much as Sanaipei gave the relationship her all, she never got appreciated.

Eventually, Sanaipei got dumped with her musical career yet to pick.

“The truth of the matter is I was thrown into a world that I didn’t fully understand, I didn’t have a grasp on the music industry business and intrestingly the guy that I was dating at the time was in the music business he dumped me because he said I wasn’t doing anything with my life, this guy who’s supposed to help me, who understands the music business so I get dumped and then I am stuck” she narrated partly.

Even though she didn’t mention his name, it’s clear that Sanaipei was referring to his then boyfriend Manga who was signed to Ogopa DJs.

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Public Pressure

Sanaipei further disclosed that the public always views  an artist’s life as all life figured out.

Being broke and desperate are aspects the public never hopes to be in an artist’s diary.

Still, Sanaipei would go out of her way in making things happen even when she was struggling.

From sleeping in cheap hotel rooms to riding in matatu’s, the sassy singer bared it all.

Going Back To Her Parent’s Home

Sanaipei further revealed that there’s no problem in taking a step backwards.

During her hardest moments, she went back to her parents home in a bid to find her footing.

She was received well and it gave her the drive to trudge on.

The former actress, media personality and singer has since built her own home despite her challenging love life.

She’s also on record for turning down renowned media personality, Maina Kageni advances.


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