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  • In a statement Ruto stood with Israel.
  • African Union backed Palestine.

President William Ruto has castigated Palestine for launching attacks on Israel leading to a full blown war.

In a statement the President said condemned the attacks by Palestine calling them as acts of terrorism.

“Kenya joins the rest of the world in solidarity with the State of Israel and unequivocally condemn terrorism and attacks on innocent civilians in the country. The people of Kenya and their government hereby express deepest sympathy and send condolences to the families of all victims, “The President said.

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He emphasized that Kenya does not support such beastly acts calling on order and humanity.

On Saturday, Palestinian militant groups from the Gaza Strip launched a large-scale armed offensive against Israel, breaking through the Gaza–Israel barrier and forcing entry into Gaza border crossings and nearby Israeli cities.

He further called on the international community to bring perpetrators, financiers and organizers of the attacks to book and charged.

“The international community must mobilize to bring the perpetrators, organizers, financiers, sponsors, supporters and enablers of these reprehensible criminal acts of terrorism to account and speedily bring them to justice,”

African Union Statement

While understanding the complex and delicate context of the situation between the two countries, the President called for the de escalation of violence, urging all parties to restrain from further military action that has led to over 250 people dead.

On the other hand the African Union (AU) in a statement seem to accuse Israel for being a contributor in the recent chaos.

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“The chairperson wishes to recall that denial of the fundamental rights of the Palestine people, particularly that of an independent and sovereign state is the main cause of the permanent Israeli Palestine tension,” section of the statement from the AU read.

“The chairperson urgently appeals to both parties to put an end to military and to return without conditions to the negotiating table to implement the principle of two states living side by side,”

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