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  • Stivo Simple Boy introduces rapper girlfriend, Wanja Kihii days after being turned down by Ngesh ‘Kaveve Kazoze’.
  • They’re planning a wedding.
  • They’ve refuted claims of clout chasing.

Stivo Simple Boy has finally introduced his rapper girlfriend, Wanja Kihii days after being turned down by Ngesh ‘Kaveve Kazoze’.

The Kibra bred rapper was captured online in a joint engagement with his new catch.

Stivo poured his heart to Wanja who seemed like she was prepared for it.

“Baby nakupenda, umeshinda ata britania biscuits, wangu baby naku love love tu yani…lombo lombo” uttered Stivo.

On her side, Wanja welcomed Stivo’s advances as she affirmed that she was his only wife.

She added that she should not be taken for granted noting that she comes from Nyeri.

For your information, Nyeri women topped the news a while ago for all the wrong reasons.

They’re known to be viciously aggressively to the point of beating their men.

Wanja also reminded Ngesh that she missed a jackpot by turning down the Mihadarati rapper.

“Alikataa mali safi, shauri yake sasa hii mali ni yangu” teased Wanja

They’re Planning a Wedding

Stivo and Wanja further disclosed plans of taking their love a notch higher by tying the knot.

“Kukienda vizuri tunaweza fanya harusi, tunaweza fanya harusi if it goes well” Said Wanja

“Ndio maanake” replied Stivo in agreement.

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We’re Not Clout chasing

Stivo and Wanja further refuted claims of clout chasing maintaining that theirs was real love.

They also maintained that they’re not planning on releasing a joint music.

“Hii si ngoma its just love, love language sio ngoma” stated Wanja

When asked about how his wife, Grace Atieno will take the new development.

Stivo said that that was a question for another day.

In yet another video, they’re spotted in bed with Wanja sarcastically mocking the now infamous ‘maths teacher’.

“Mwalimu wa math ulisema sijui kulima hapa ni wapi” She scoffed

“Ndio maanake” replied Stivo.

Wanja Kihii hit the headlines a few days ago when she dissed Khaligraph, Diamond, Bahati and Mejja in her song.

Is this couple real or stage managed?

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