Wednesday Morning During Ghetto Radio’s Mid-morning show Dubbed (Niaje Niaje) An interesting conversation is going on , on the very popular dilemma on whether one can opt to  leave their beloved Motherland Kenya to seek greener pastures abroad .

As usual listeners call in to share their different views with the presenters on the issue at hand.

One caller By The name Kennedy  catches  my attention as he breaks down his recent Qatar trip that has changed his life. He starts by asking the presenters if they had heard of any job openings in Ukraine because he was ready to take the risk.

‘’Mimi ata waniambie niwabebee bunduki twende War naenda, ata huko Russia nasonga sana.’’

~Kennedy (Caller)

He went ahead to explain how life In Kenya is quite expensive and filled with lots on uncertainties.

He shared his experience during His Visit to Qatar during the World cup last year, (the   FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ was played from 20 November to 18 December 2022 , where a number of Kenyans took the trip to the Arab country to enjoy their favorite teams play).

‘’Hizo Maganji  nilionja time ya worldcup last year na nataka tena kurudi.‘’

~Kennedy (Caller)

He says he was working for 8 hours  with an hourly pay and  made some good money.

Asked where he was listening from , He said he’s tuned in from Dandora.

The presenters jokingly asked him what happened with the cash he earned while  in Qatar. He confirmed that he bought a car which he is currently  operating as an Uber and doubles up as the driver  and was enjoying the show while working.

His final remark was urging the youths to be on the lookout on any available job opportunities and be ready to travel outside the country and make a living for themselves.

By Elishifa Wangechi

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