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  • Bahati tells son, Morgan that the world is ruthless place.
  • Bahati adopted Morgan when he was not ready to become a father.
  • Morgan has been at the center of online trolls for his striking resemblance to football star, Victor Wanyama.

Singer Bahati has written a letter to his adopted son, Morgan telling him that the world is a ruthless place.

According to Bahati, Morgan was finally turning into a man from the tiny toddler he took in a decade ago.

Bahati maintained that he adopted Morgan as a way of giving back to the society having also been aided before.

This happened when Bahati had invited children from the orphanage he had lived for his album launch.

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Morgan was different and clung to Bahati like his child and the latter took him in as his own.

“A letter to my son, I have looked at this picture and just realized you’re becoming a man. This is 10 years ago the first day I met you. That day when I invited ABC Children’s Home (where I grew up at) to come and perform at my Album Launch in 2013 at NPC Valley Road. Son, I remember that day like it was yesterday, the way you cried and called me daddy. It was so difficult for me seeing the 2 year old, you were forced to enter the bus heading back to the orphanage, I saw your pain and I saw myself through you, having grown in a Children’s Home at times lonely without no one to call mum or dad” stated Bahati.

I Was Not Ready To Become A Parent

Bahati further told Morgan that when he took him in, he was not ready to become a father.

He did it out of love and sees God’s hand in it despite struggling at the time.

And now that Morgan had grown up into an adult, he wanted him to be steadfast in knowing what’s good.

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“My son from that day, though I was not ready I decided to be a father and I took you in as my son…Son listen to me! I am your father and you’re my son! God planned it nothing can change that! As you grow you will see a lot of nonsense and inhuman stuff said on this ruthless world but always remember above all…I’m your father and you’re my son period! Only God knows exactly what we have been through…People will never know I took you in even before I established myself. Do you remember when I could not afford to to pay a house help and I could cook for you, clean your clothes and even change your beddings juu umesusu kwa bed? I know you don’t like it when I tell the stories juu sahii unaenda shule ya masonko na madem watakuchongoa” continued Bahati.

Best Gift Ever

Bahati further disclosed that Morgan was his best gift ever and nothing will come between them.

He added that while he lived with Morgan, several women turned him down unwilling to raise Morgan as their own.

This happened until heaven sent Diana Marua who has been very supportive.

Bahati also asked for forgiveness from Morgan for having introduced him to the public hence the trolls.

Recently, Morgan has received trolls for his striking resemblance to football star, Victor Wanyama.

Diana Marua was also caught in the crossfire for dressing in a revealing outfit while posing with Morgan.

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