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  • Appy lost her mother with her uncle taking over her mother’s possession.
  • She sustained herself by selling  vegetables and anchovies(Omena/Dagaa).
  • Her biggest song is “Watu Feki” depicting fake friends.

Fast rising Tanzanian songstress Appy famed for the hit single “Watu Feki” has revealed going through hell.

This is also the inspiration off her breakthrough song “Watu Feki” currently topping regional charts.

Written by her producer, Appy sang her heart out in the song “Watu Feki” which resonates well with society.

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Fake Friends

The song “Watu Feki” is a depiction of fake friends who take off in times of adversities.

It’s a case of betrayal as the people you offer trust turn their backs against you.

In Appy’s case, her uncle turned against her when her mother died.

Her mom had bought land and built a home which was to be bequeathed to her.

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However, upon her death her uncle inherited the property and sent her away.

“Kuna changamoto ilitokea baada ya msiba wa mama kuna baadhi ya vitu ambavyo tuseme mama hakuwa ameniambia mimi kama mwanae kwa sababu ya umri kwamba kuna wakati walikuwa wananiambia kuna mtu ana vitu vyako amekushikia ikifika wakati nitakwambia lakini baada ya mamangu kufariki sasa wale ambao walikuwepo mashahidi wakati wananunua ilikuwa ni kiwanja na kuna kijumba kilikuwepo” she narrated partly.

Her mother had relied on her uncle’s availability over her Kenyan husband with whom they were yet to sire a child.

Later, neighbors and witnesses notified Appy that the property her uncle owned belonged to her.

Before she could even have a tete- a- tete with her uncle over the matter she was thrown out.

Appy then embarked on selling vegetables and anchovies(dagaa/omena) for a living.

She would peddle the commodities door to door until she met her guardian angel who supported her music.

“Watu Feki” is her seventh song and has received quite considerably airplay.

With two weeks since its premier it has already garnered 349k views on You Tube and still counting.

September 21, 2023

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