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  • Mbogi Genje teams up with Bongo’s Rosa Ree in possible collabo.
  • Fans have shared their exitement over the new development.
  • Rosa Ree has been in the forefront releasing distracks in the Kenya, Tanzania war.

Fireworks is expected  as Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree is teaming up with Kenya’s Sheng Master’s, Mbogi Genje for a possible collaboration.

The revelation was made by the two sides through a social media post showing the artists in a local studio.

“Niku Genje Dar wamelikuba” captioned Mbogi Genje which loosely translates to “It’s big, Tanzania has certified”.

Fans Reactions

Music lovers were taken aback with the new project in the offing and they shared their anticipation.

We sampled a few of the comments below.

“Hii najua ni kubwa”

“Genjee always naona Rosa Ree hapo”

“Kuvuka border”

“Mbwegze siku zote”

Media Tour

Rosa Ree jetted into the country a fortnight ago for a media tour promoting her newest  distrack  dubbed “Kanairo”.

The Tanzanian rap goddess has been in the forefront releasing distracts in the Khaligraph led Kenya, Tanzania war.

The Bongo rapper has released numerous distracks towards Kenya with her latest “Kanairo” getting considerable airplay.

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From the time Kenya’s rapper, Khaligraph announced the “Tug of war”,  Rosa Ree has come out in full throttle.

Like Khaligraph, Rosa Ree has gone to the extent of coming up with a Kenyan Identity Card stating her new found Kenyan nationality.

This is in relation to her lyrics fused in Kenya’s languages from Kamba, Luo and Agikuyu.

The Unofficial Rosa Ree’s Kenyan ID PHOTO Courtesy

Love For Kenya

Despite her distracks aimed at Kenya, Rosa Ree has had a good relationship with Kenyans.

A while back, she collaborated with Kenya’s Timmy T Dat  on song’s like Vitamin U, Asante Baba and Kipopo.

She also got tongues wagging with a rumored affair with Timmy following their explicit photos.

September 21, 2023

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