The President of Palestine says Palestinians will never leave Gaza and warns against further attempts to displace his people.

In Summary:

• The Palestinian people will never leave their homeland – says Palestinian President.

• Mahmoud Abbas warns against further attempts to displace Palestinians.

• The Peace Summit in Cairo focuses on the resolving of the conflict and offering humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

The peace summit was held in Egypts capital, Cairo.

In attendance was leaders from the international community to discuss the Israel – Gaza crisis. Also, they intended to coordinate humanitarian help for the victims of the crisis.

President Abbas Mahmoud/ Photo Courtesy

In a heartfelt speech, President Mahmoud Abbas echoed the sentiments and resolve of the Palestinian people.

“We will remain steadfast on our land nomatter the challenges. Ladies and Gentlemen, we will not leave, we will not leave, we will never leave. We will remain on our land,” decreed the President stressing the unwavering determination of his nation.

This powerful declaration served as a reminder of the decades-long struggle and resilience of the Palestinian people.

A Warning Against Displacement.

President Mahmoud Abbas also issued a stern warning against further attempts to displace Palestinians.

The Cairo Peace Summit in session/Photo Courtesy.

Over the years, countless Palestinians have been forced out of their homes due to conflict. Such displacements have caused distress and hardship for the affected families, many of whom still live as refugees to date.

“We warn of any attempts to displace our people from Gaza. We also warn of any attempts to expel Palestinians from their homes or displacing them from Jerusalem or the West bank,” warned President Abbas.

Abbas aims to rally international support for the Palestinian cause and ensure that the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people are upheld.

A Call for Peace.

Many leaders from the international community expressed their concern for a peaceful agreement from both parties ensuring an end to the bloodshed on both ends.

Palestinians in Gaza hoist a dead child mourning his early demise/Photo Courtesy

“We refuse the double standard practiced by some parties on the international level. We ask the international community to pressure Israel to life the blockade in Gaza and the military operations that has killed a lot of civilians,” said the Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah.

Journalists watch a large screen showing the Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah addressing the International Peace Summit/Photo Courtesy

The US ambassador in Cairo, Beth Jones condemned the horrific actions action by Hamas on October 7th against Israel and expressed U.S. support for Palestinian aspirations.

“As South Africa, We call for an immediate cessation of hostility and the opening of humanitarian corridors so that the provision of aid for the people of Palestine can go through we also call for a UN led negotiation process towards resolving the Israeli – Palestinian conflict,” said President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The Palestinian leadership has often expressed a desire for a two-state solution, where Palestinians can live in peace and prosperity alongside Israel. Could this be the most effective solution for the conflict? Rudi Nyumbani.

October 23, 2023

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