In summary

  • Cites competition from new acts
  • Maintains  his time is up
  • Needs a stable job

Veteran singer Colonel Mustafa has bid farewell to music. This comes in the wake of a leaked video of Mustafa working at a construction site.

The maloko singer cited competition from the industry’s newbies who seem to be running the show outsmarting some pioneer’s like him.

“Competition imekuwa kubwa sana,” he said.

He further added that his time was up considering the fact that he had been there and done that.

To him, it was time to completely wash off his hands on music since he had lost touch with it.

“Pia sahii  naona  time imeenda ata mziki wenyewe siko kwenye mziko,siezi concentrate kwa mziki sijafanya ata mziki,siezi ata akili imestop kabisaa” Explained Mustafa

He maintained that it’s only a stable job that can work out a miracle for him.

He outlined his strength on managing a club,a construction site or running a shop, music was not part of it.

“I don’t consider doing music,i need a job something i can do nijisaidie …I can manage a club,I can run a shop ” he continued partly.

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I Wasted My Money

Mustafa who admitted to having his savings  eaten up by his mother’s cancer ailment,also confirmed to being a spendthrift during his heydays.

His advice to everyone was,save, invest if you can,read books and expand your thinking.

“Nilikuwa nasemanga itakuja kesho,itakuja kesho coz unajua utakuwa tu juu saa zote saa zingine haitakuja kesho unaona so ku invest ni nzuri sana …nimeget akili ya biashara lakini sina pesa nakumbuka pesa nilikuwa natumia vibaya siku za monalisa,siku za katika siku za kinyaunyau unaona ni mbaya sana” he further added partly

Mustafa hitting rock bottom did not come as a surprise to his ex girlfriend, rapper Noti Flow.

She maintained that the former was enjoying his own medicine after cheating on him knowing well that she was the one taking care of him.

“It’s so funny huh! when you’re dating someone and then they look all good and sexy and awesome and then girls come and try to you know ruin what you have, trynna take the person little did they know that you’re the one making that person look like that you know,” said Noti Flow partly.

In the meantime,Mustafa is continuing to receive support for his mother’s medication from different well-wishers.Contributions can be challened to his telephone number 0722 803 924

Should we crucify the person who leaked Mustafa’s video? Drop a comment.

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