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  • Mwakideu announces he’s leaving Radio Milele and tells fans to guess his next lead.
  • He announces he is back before 24 hrs are over, hinting at an earlier misunderstanding with the station.
  • Mwakideu has so far worked in three different radio stations with three different cohosts.

“It’s been five years at Milele FM. I enjoyed! Let me say thank you to you, the listeners, because without you, there is no radio! Let me also say thank you to all my colleagues, the ones I am leaving behind, and the ones who left Milele FM already. Thank you all. Tuliipiga, na Ikapigika. Page closed. Onto the next one! Guess our next home.”

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However, hours later Mwakideu posted on his Instagram announcing the misunderstanding with the station had been sorted.

“Yooh bado niko milele fm. Kumbe mnanipenda hivi…. Thank you for all the phone calls and text messages, we had a small misunderstanding, which has been sorted. So, we are now good to go! Itambe Milele.”

Mwakideu’s Radio Career

Alex Mwakideu and Wilbroda at Milele FM studios. PHOTO Courtesy

Mwakideu worked in Baraka FM from 2000 to 2010. He then moved to Radio maisha from 2010 to 2018 before joining Milele FM.

Throughout his time at Milele FM, Mwakideu co-hosted the show with three different individuals: Jalang’o, MCA Tricky, and currently Wilbroda Nyaminde.

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Mwakideu didn’t join any institution for journalistic training. He polished his acting skills after high school and appeared in plays in and out of Mombasa.

His major break came after he was asked to do an advert for Baraka fm. The work he did satisfied them in such a way that they decided to keep him.

He is thankful to Peter Musembi, the then Baraka FM news editor currently working at BBC, London. He is the one who noticed his talent and mentored him to what he is today.

Did you know that Alex Mwakideu went to Shimo La Tewa high school. He was later expelled following a dispute with the principal.

By Harriet Wambui

August 14, 2023

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