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  • Nyako is receiving backlash following her appeal for financial aid.
  • Her PayPal account has been frozen with an unknown amount of cash.
  • The Tik Toker disclosed her political aspirations with her sights set on the Langata parliamentary seat.

No nonsense Tik Toker, Nyako is currently receiving backlash following her appeal for financial aid.

Netizens have been taken aback by the hard talking Tik Toker sudden change of fortunes from flamboyance to begging.

According to Nyako, her troubles began when one of the donor’s raised an objection concerning how she spent some money donated to charity.

The said amount Nyako maintains that was channeled in aid of Brian Chira.

However, she’s been ordered to refund the money with other pending figures.

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Nyako has been left wondering why a person would give money for charity and later claim it.

“Pesa zangu za Tik Tok zimeenda na nimewekewa tena minus balance ya 1000 euros… PayPal wananidai 1500 Euros.

Nyako further revealed that she has been reported to the authorities in Germany over the matter.

With the new development, Nyako cannot pay her rent and neither can she take care of her needs and that of her children.

However, she disclosed that her children have their fathers and they’ll get support from them in regard to their health insurance.

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With no source of income, Nyako is staring at a bleak future while trying to get a job to sustain herself.

Therefore, she’s appealing for help before her world crashes.

“Anybody willing to support me nitaweka paypal yangu jioni mnisupport… na mimi pia huwa nasaidia watu” she added partly.

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Fans Reactions

Following Nyako’s predicaments, netizens are continuing to throw shade at her.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Tungekusaidia lakini ulisema tusikuaddress na Oppo”

“Amesahau ‘unafinyafinya Techno, unaniaddress na Techno”

“Mimi siwezi changia mtu kila siku anaimba ako Europe…hatuchangii”

“Kiburi minimized”

“Begging can humble someone”

“Ashout vile yeye hushout”

However, others opined that Nyako deserves to be helped for her kind heart which has seen those in need aided.

Tik Tok brought Nyako’s larger than life personality to life, she has never shied away from confronting her critics.

A good example is her supremacy fight with singer, Akothee.

The Tik Toker recently laid bare her political aspirations with her sights set on dislodging Jalangoo from the Langata parliamentary seat come the next general elections in 2027.

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