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  • Eric Omondi swore at Ghetto Radio that he would win in a duel with Jalang’o in the Langata constituency race.
  • He considers himself a comedian and a philanthropist but not a politician.
  • He believes President Ruto cannot keep a promise and will not lead Kenya to prosperity. 
Eric Omondi at Ghetto Radio studios. PHOTO Courtesy Ghetto Radio Digital


“If my name is on the ballot for any political seat, I will win, I will finish my opponent, and that includes Langata Constituency.” A confident Eric Omondi said on Ghetto Radio morning show Brekko.

Phelix ‘Jalang’o’ Odiwuor is the seating MP for Langata Constituency. His relationship with President William Ruto has resulted in disloyal accusations by the sponsoring party ODM and Raila supporters.

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He is among the ODM MPs considered as rebels and consequently should leave the party. Besides the challenges, Jalang’o is confident that he will triumph and dares any contestant including Eric Omondi to a duel they will never forget!

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Owing to this, politically many consider the Langata constituency an easy win for anyone who will carry the ODM flag and Raila’s support. Some even imagine that by ethics, a by-election is due before 2027, that anyone who crosses the floor ought to resign and seek another mandate.

Political preference

Eric Omondi and Ida Odinga at a School function. PHOTO Courtesy


Eric made it clear during the show that he does not and will not be on President Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza side. He believes that Ruto will not deliver to Kenyans, justifying that he hasn’t delivered his promises one year down the line.

“He is like someone who promises you lunch but keeps evading, and a year after still promises you the same lunch.” Eric narrated.

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Before the interview, Eric has been seen with Raila Odinga in a close-up meeting and with Ida Odinga having fan and visiting places together. This is an indicator that he is comfortable with ODM (Orange Democratic Movement), party led by Raila Odinga.

Comedian and a Philanthropist

Eric Omondi in United Kingdom raising money on the streets. PHOTO Courtesy


Eric Omondi does not consider himself a politician yet and prefers to be considered a comedian and a philanthropist. He also did not mind been considered an activist.

“For now, let me be just a comedian and a philanthropist.” Eric noted.

He also said that all he wants for Kenyans is the best. That no child should miss education or treatment at the hospitals, and the youth should get jobs among other concerns. He believes it is possible Kenya to move up from the third world category.

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From the feedback on radio, many also appreciated him as comedian and a person who cares about people. This is not far from who he prefers to be!

A few also appreciated he has metamorphosed into a politician and therefore he is all in one; a comedian, activist, philanthropist and a politician.

September 29, 2023

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