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  • Residents say that the constitution of high-rise apartments with breach their privacy
  • They claimed efforts to reason with the developers have been futile.
  • Claims the developers are foreigners

Residents of Langata Royal estate have taken to the street to protest what they called as infiltration of their privacy but a foreign developer who want to put up highrise apartments in their area.

They claim that the developer has violated the law and the constitution, and all efforts of dialogue have failed to bare fruits.

” We have tried all possible ways in vain, now we have decided to act, this developer is plotting to construct shanties and funny structure in our residential apartments, we say enough is enough,” said the residents chairperson.

They said that all efforts to stop the works has not bared fruit and their complain at the nearest police station has not been acted upon.

” We have more than 10 OB numbers at the Langata police station which we believe are genuine, the station has decided not to listen to us, this conflict may be bloody if nothing is done,” he added.

Mr.Mengiti, the residents said that the monied developer has used his money to corrupt the system but urged residents to be steadfast and focused as the war continues.

” We shall Win the war, let us work in unity and bring our resources together” he said.

He said that the royal apartment has senior and respected officials in the society who needed to be respected.

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They Also added that the developer was a foreigner who was frustrating Kenyans.

” This are foreigners who have money, they have been using their money to frustrate Kenyans, imagine you are a Kenyan and someone from another country comes to frustrate you, it’s so unfortunate, let’s woke up,” another resident said.

Women also voiced their concerns and called for action.

The residents further brought down a gate that had been constructed by the said developer and carried it to Langata police station, where they expressed their disitifaction

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