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  • Magix Enga is set to bounce back big as gospel star, Bunny Asila promises to take in the broke music producer under his wings.
  • Bunny Asila lectured various successful artists who received Enga’s services but have today turned their backs on him.
  • Magix Enga has been appealing for help after going broke he’s credited with producing some of the country’s biggest hits.

Broke music producer Magix Enga is set to bounce back big as gospel star, Bunny Asila arrives with goodies. Enga will join the musician’s wing as an in-house  producer.

According to Asila, Magix Enga ought to have gotten saved after tasting the worlds wrath.

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However, he maintained that Enga was free to make his choice noting that his biggest wish would be seeing him cross over.

“So Magix mi nakuomba… nakuomba tu ukaweze kumkubali mwenyezi Mungu ukifanya hayo off course tutaendelea lakini ata usipo mimi bado nitakusupport that’s not a condition but it’s my request” he stated partly.

Asila further revealed that he’s setting up an artists launching pad will see various artists benefitting across the counties.

The program will debut in Nakuru which happens to be both Enga and Asila’s hometown.

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Lectures  Enga’s Former Allies

Bunny Asila further lectured Enga’s former allies for abandoning the producer at his hour of need.

Without mentioning names, Asila affirmed that the artists betraying Enga are yet to have similar big records like he made.

He added that the artists were setting a bad precedence in the society by neglecting Enga regardless of his sins.

During his hey days, Enga is credited with producing some of Kenya’s biggest hits.

Some of the songs are Dundaing with King Kaka, Watoto Na Pombe with Otile Brown and Digidigi just to mention but a few.

With his world crashing, Enga has been appealing for help in recollecting his life with no hope in sight.

The celebrated producer also has a wife and a toddler to look after.

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Some publications have earlier reported that Enga was his greatest enemy for leading a life of extravagance.

It’s also in the public domain that Enga’s pride led to his downfall.

With all said and done, Enga’s life is set for a turn-around thanks to Asila’s gesture.




December 19, 2023

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