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  • Mandonga alleges that there are people who are not pleased with his success.
  • He affirms that he’s of sound mind.
  • Mandonga was temporarily suspended from boxing pending medical examination after losing his last bout.

Tanzanian boxer, Karim Mandonga has alleged that there are people who are not pleased with his success.

Mandonga was reacting to his recent brief suspension from boxing activities pending medical examination.

According to Mandonga, he’s fit as a fiddle, a responsible family man and an ambassador for multiple companies.

“Najiskia vizuri…Ni chuki za watu sio, watu wasiotaka maendeleo ya watu, Mimi ni mtu na familia yangu na balozi wa kampuni kibao” He said partly.

Fondly referred to as ‘Mtu Kazi’, Mandonga employed a comical skit in affirming his mental uprightness.

He was captured with media personality and influencer, Mwijaku his coach, Kaka Mocha making an entry to a hospital.

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A nurse emerges meeting the three at the parking lot, Mwijaku then lays hands on Mandonga’s head affirming his uprightness.

The coach also follows suit emulating Mwijaku as they affirm to the nurse that Mandonga needs no medical attention.

Lost Last Bout

Mandonga’s woes began after losing his fight to Ugandan boxer Moses Golola.

Golola knocked out Mandonga in the third round on July 29, 2023, in their non-title bout in Mwanza.

After the fight, The Commission of Paid Boxing In Tanzania (TPBRC) suspended Mandonga pending medical assessment.

“The Commission of Paid Boxing In Tanzania (TPBRC) has temporarily locked boxer Karim Mandonga for a medical checkup” read part of the statement.

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It was a resounding defeat for Mandonga who had just suffered another loss in the hands of Kenya’s, Daniel Wanyonyi.

While acknowledging his loss, Mandonga maintained that Golola had used dark powers to win the bout.

Known as a chatter box, Mandonga is known to speak his mind whether he loses a bout or not.

He’s also known for coining names to his punches such as ‘Sugunyo’ and ‘Mo Strong Kanitangaze’ among others.

Though some see him as joker, Mandonga has given boxing a push leading to sold out audiences whenever he’s fighting.

So far, he has fought ten times registering six wins and four losses.

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