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  • Police brutality against Journalists at Milimani law courts
  • Court frees Babu Owino on bail

Chaos erupted this morning at Milimani law courts after police roughed up Journalists who were present to cover the bail ruling of Embakasi MP Babu Owino.

Moments after the court granted the MP a 100,000 shillings cash bail, police officers who were at the courts pushed and harassed journalists showing little regard for their press credentials.

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Despite identifying themselves as journalists and explaining their purpose for being present, the police reportedly paid little attention to their credentials and treated them no differently from the protesters outside the courthouse.

“Toa hii watu….twende nje… ….media gani ..,”

Police officers shouted.

Babu Released on Bail

The incident occurred just after Chief Magistrate Lukas Onyina ordered Babu Owino’s release, stating that the prosecution failed to present a compelling case to deny bail for the lawmaker and his six co-accused individuals.

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“A holistic look at the affidavit does not disclose compelling reasons to deny the accused persons bond. Each of the accused persons is granted a bond of 200,000 shillings with an alternative cash bail of 100,000 shillings, “

chief magistrate Lukas Onyina ruled.

The defendants, including Nairobi activist Calvin Gaucho, were charged with conspiring to commit subversive activities that are allegedly prejudicial to public order.

Opposition Protests

The charges come amid ongoing antigovernment protests by the opposition, the protests that started on Wednesday this week and will be ending today.

The government not taking this lying down has been arresting opposition’s figures accusing the individuals of planning the demos

Yesterday, during the court proceedings, Babu Owino and Calvin Gaucho, along with other co-accused, denied any involvement in subversive activities and claimed innocence in the face of the charges levied against them.

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Just before the antigovernment protests commenced, Gaucho was seen in full view of camera slaughtering a goat and licked its raw blood daring the government whom he accused of threatening Azimio leader Raila Odinga

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