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  • Miraa Traders  might be stopped from transporting the product using Pro boxes, pick_ups and motorcycles.
  • Farmers will be required  to get a specific and valid license.
  • Miraa will no longer be transported together with other products.

Miraa traders might soon be unable to transport the commodity using pro boxes, Motorcycles and pick-ups if new regulations are adopted and passed by the Senate.

The Crops (Miraa) Regulations, 2023 developed by the Ministry of Agriculture seeks to streamline the planting, handling, transporting and exporting of the ‘Green Gold’ to ensure that the farmers get maximum profits from the commodity.

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Vehicle transporting Miraa Photo: Getty Images


The move is aimed at ensuring that the quality of miraa from Kenya is high and accepted  to the international markets.

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Transportation Of Miraa

Miraa twigs. (Photo Courtesy)


The traders will be required to transport the product  through a specifically build vehicle that has the required temperature

“A vessel used for transportation of miraa shall be built and equipped to ensure maintenance of optimal temperatures and hygiene to prevent damage, contamination and spoilage of produce. (6) quality assurance for the handling, packaging, transportation harvesting and postharvest handling of produce under this section shall be in accordance with the code of practice,” reads part of the regulations.

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Non – Compliant Produce

In the proposed regulations,  the product will no longer be transported together with other products that might contaminate it.

”Non-compliant produce due to food safety reasons shall be seized, detained and destroyed at the offender’s cost” reads part of the legislation

In addition , Miraa produce presented using forged export or import documents shall be destroyed upon interception and the company is suspended from an export dealership for one year.


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