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  • Gor Mahia fans blamed for chaos witnessed at Ksarani stadium.
  • Gor Mahia Coach Jonathan Mckistry on the other hand blamed the officials as major contributors to the  chaos witnessed.


The football fraternity has called out the Gor Mahia fans and club to shun hooliganism that has been witnessed in the their recent. matches.

The stakeholders particularly condemned Kogalo fans for not behaving maturely during their clash with Muranga Seal where  Kogalo was held in a  a controversial draw. READ ALSO;  Prepare for Another Hammer, Gor Mahia Fans Laugh Off AFC Leopards After 2-0 Win

“We are calling on the police to move with speed and apprehend those that caused chaos during and after Gor Mahia and Muranga Seal clash at Kasarani we can’t have a nation where hooliganism in matches is normalized, fans are threatening the match officials in a broad daylight in full glare of police.We must just stop this hooliganism it is too much and if action is not taken now then tunaharibu ball ni too much na hatuewezi allow kitu kama hiyo ifanyike tena,” Boby Gilo ardent football fan said.

“I am particularly  Gor Mahia fan but what happened at Kasarani stadium is uncalled for and we should condemn it with strongest terms possible.The kind of lawlessness, hooliganism that was witnessed in Kasarani is not a picture that should be seen in a stadium.our fans must must just understand that football is to entertain not stone throwing contest.We are urging the police to investigate and arrest those that caused chaos we can’t allow such to continue.” he added.

Section of Gor Mhia fans got agitated with officials after Omalas’ goal was flagged and disallowed. They then moved closer threatening the referee, some uprooted stadium  seats.It took police intervention to restore cam.

Kogalo Reaction

Meanwhile Gor Mahia Coach Jonathan Mckistry on the other hand blamed the officials as major contributors to chaos witnessed.

“We are frustrated that we were not able to convert what at times, really good play, and you felt that energy,” McKinstry said after the game.The crowd appreciated it as well because you felt that energy coming back from the crowd at some of our passes of play but we just were not able to get it over the line. It is very unfortunate at the end here but look, even the fourth official spoke to me and said that it was an awful refereeing performance from the center referee. The fourth official said to me ‘coach, I know he has been awful today,” he said.

Same chaos were also  witnessed in AfC Leopards match against Posta Rangers where the clubs fans clashed.

November 12, 2023

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