In Summary

  • Velo is becoming very popular in Kenya. 
  • Mixed reactions from Kenyans after a Velo experience.
  • About Velo, flavors, strengths and risks.

Velo has become very popular among youth and middle-aged women in Kenya with some enjoying the feeling and a number registering regrets.

Velo contains nicotine which is very addictive. Velo nicotine pouches are put in the mouth, and depending on the strength can get you high instantly or after a while.

One is advised not use Velo if having medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes or a heart condition. You should also avoid it if you are underage, pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Velo reactions in Kenya

Velo supply in Kenya. PHOTO Courtesy


Velo has become very popular among Kenyan youth with some sharing their experience.

“‘Hii kitu ilinipeleka shakahola my G” (This will take you to shakahola my friend)

Some say they get bowel movement immediately after taking it. It makes them vomit and diarrhea. They also experience unstable heartbeat, body temperatures rise.

“One becomes restless, imagine if you have anxiety disorders…”

“I have been doing drugs but after trying Velo, I drew the line! That’s definitely the devil’s powder.”

Not everyone has had a bad experience, they comfortably say it gives them goods vibes and inshallah. (Feel good factor).

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In 2022, Lyft a similar tobacco product was banned in Kenya by the government, and it is unconfirmed whether Velo is the same product under a new name.

Anti- tobacco advocates are keen on the issue but yet to communicate findings and official position. The sale of such a product is restricted under the Kenya Tobacco Control Act.

About Velo

Velo flavors. PHOTO Courtesy


Before you even access the website, you are prompted to confirm whether you are 18 years and over, which anyone interested will click yes.

There’s Velo mint, Freeze and Ruby berry.

Nicotine is a naturally occurring substance found in plants from the nightshade family.

It is an addictive substance that affects the brain and body when consumed.

VELO nicotine pouches are made in our factories in Europe. They are made from pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, plant-based materials, flavorings and sweeteners.

They come in different strengths; a lower strength means less pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. Higher-strength options, like our 17mg nicotine pouches, contain more nicotine than 6mg, 10mg or 14mg.

The say Velo is less toxicant than cigarettes, it is modern, it has no smoke and one can use it anytime.

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They also warn that Velo is not risk free and contains addictive substance.

The most common effects are nausea, sore mouth, irritation of gums, hiccups, nicotine addiction and increased relapse risk with tobacco products.

By Margret Nduku and Majimaji

September 7, 2023

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