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  • Jay Z has revealed that he would never sell his master recordings.
  • He’s looking forward to passing them to his children as inheritance wether they’ll sell them sometime is up to them.
  • Artists like Justin Bieber and Future are among those that sold their master recordings.

Rap mogul Jay Z has revealed that selling his master recording is not on his mind even as some artists are going out of their way selling wholly or a  portion of their masters for staggering figures.

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In recent days, a good number of global stars have sold their masters to investment companies for figures running into millions of shillings.

Some of the big names who sold their music catalogues include Justin Bieber for $200 million, Imagine Dragons sold theirs at $100 million, Katy Perry sold her catalogue for $225 and Future who sold part of his catalogue for an estimated $70 million figure.

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Children’s Inheritance

In his recent interview, Jay Z affirmed that he’s not willing to go down that road of selling his masters since his  music catalogue is dear to his heart.

The Encore rapper further disclosed that he plans to pass the master recordings to his children as inheritance.

However, the choice of whether to sell or not to will depend on his children’s decision.

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Jay Z noted that he understands why artists are selling their masters in order to make some extra cash. For his case now he doens’t need the money from selling his masters.

His many years of toiling explains why Jay Z is comfortable being the richest rapper with a net worth of $ 2.5 billion.

Jay Z further disclosed that releasing new music is not on his bucket list and neither is retirement an option.

He added that the music he would work on has to be impactful and not just for the sake of it.

“‘I’ll say I wanna make music but it has to be something important” he stated partly.


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