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  • Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza Impeached.
  • 59 MCAs out of 69 MCA voted to impeach Kawira.
  • According to the MCAs  Mwangaza diverted county resources for personal use and for family members.

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has been impeached by Meru County Assembly MCAs.

The governor is accused of more than seven counts including gross misconduct corruption among others.

A total of 59 out 69 voted to impeach the governor.

“At this juncture, it is my pleasure to announce the ayes have it. The motion has passed and the governor stands impeached by the County Assembly of Meru,” Meru County Assembly Speaker Ayub Bundi declared.

They accused the Meru governor of making withdrawals of county funds under the guise of payment for various supplies that were made by her relatives.

According to the MCAs  Mwangaza diverted county resources for personal use and for family members.

“Diversion and misuse of county resources including funds and vehicles to run the governor’s charity deemed Okolea despite promising the senate to refrain from conflicting official county officials and Okolea operations,” Mawira said.

Meru residents Reactions

“There is need of having her out of office if they can’t work together with the MCAs how will they work for the people if it is fight everyday. The solution is if she can’t work with them the should go home.To our MCAs I think they have followed the law and no legal procedure was left unturned.” Meru resident  said.

“These fights are too much what I can read is that some of our MCA are maliciously targeting Mwangaza who is a woman. They should be stopped by senate because if this continues then we will be encouraging chauvinism we must protect women for us it is a loss but let that issue be solved once and for all.” Another voter said.


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