In Summary

  • “Kudade” goes viral before premiere!
  • The song is done by Fathermoh, Fancy Fingers, Ndovu Kuu, Harry Craze, Lil Maina and Johnny.
  • It has since been predicted as one of the biggest songs churned out this year.

The highly anticipated song ‘Kudade’ by Fathermoh, Fancy Fingers, Ndovu Kuu, Harry Craze, Lil Maina and Johnny has gone viral even before its premiere date which is this Friday.

Barely a week ago, A video of Fathermoh, Fancy Fingers, Harry Craze together with members of the Black Market Records announced its coming through a charged studio session.

Fathermoh led the session as the instrumentals clanked in the background with Harry Craze joining the onslaught.

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The whole set turned wild with their unmatched chemistry as the whole studio jammed in admiration.

A video of Fathermoh and Ndovu Kuu enjoying some shots has also been used by the artists in promoting “Kudade”.

Tik Tok Challenges

“Kudade” has taken over Tik Tok through dance and lip synch challenges.

If you haven’t come across ‘Kudade’ then you aren’t on Tik Tok, it’s what selling like hot cake now.

Both applies with other social media platforms though Tik Tok takes the lead.

Also not left behind are DJ’s and MC’s who are also sampling the already teased lyrics of ‘Kudade’.

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During a recent event, Popular hype man, MC Gogo and DJ Daffy introduced ‘Kudade’ with the revelers going into a frenzy.

Fathermoh performing during a past corporate gig PHOTO/GOOGLE


Fans Reactions

As ‘Kudade’ continued to pierce through the internet, netizens couldn’t help but share their opinions.

We sampled a few below.

“Hiyo Friday ifanywe tu public holiday”

“Most hyped song, the tease on the show was lit”

“Aiii!!!Aiii!!!Kudade utapata kuna mtu mahali hajui meaning ya ‘Kudade”

“Drop it ata kesho bana Friday ni mbali”

“Mbona ngoma moja iko na watu kumi”





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